Curry in a Hurry

 Curry is a regular on our meal planner

Curry is a regular on our meal planner

Have you ever wanted to make curry in a hurry? My family are all big curry eaters, so it’s frequently on the menu. A lot of people are a bit frightened of making their own, but here is the secret to success in my humble onion! If you know how to make a good onion puree and have a respectable collection of spices to hand, then you’re half way there. So, how do you make onion puree? Very easily if you have a Soup Maker!

All you really need to do is peel your onions (about 500g), add 1 bulb of garlic and ginger (about 25g), a teaspoon of salt and pop them in the jug – you can quarter the onions if you wish, I do. Add enough water (about 750ml) to cover them and select the ‘smooth’ button and leave to cook for 20 minutes and its job done! This task is much easier as it heats and blends and you can leave it to it. No need to watch the onions cook and be worried about blitzing your kitchen with onion puree - my concern when I use a stick blender.

Top tip- it freezes brilliantly so batch make it.

The quantities above will make enough for about 6 curries, I store them in the freezer in these lovely little jars. Onion puree adds both flavour and body to a good chunky curry – exactly what you need to celebrate National Curry Week!