Cored to perfection

 Oven baked apple

Oven baked apple

It took the designer a whole 14 seconds to think of Corestuff- it's frustrating when you're using a product and it doesn't do the job it's meant to do. A recipe for baked apple states- core the apple to 1cm from the bottom, simple right? Other corers will remove all the fruit from top to bottom but the problem is you need to leave the bottom 1cm so that the filling doesn't escape.

Top tip- score a horizontal line around the apple to stop any chance of it bursting

At that moment Andrew Armit got frustrated and experimented with a standard corer- he pushed the corer to require depth, stuck a blunt knife into the middle to remove unwanted core, this worked but it wasn't slick. The CoreStuff was designed by Andrew who has a history in electronics but cannot tolerate a product that doesn't work efficiently. After a quick internet search no similar products were on the market, fast forward the lengthy patenting process and he arrived in Dragons Den style to an appointment here at Judge HQ. We obviously love it! The design allows you to set the required depth and then puts all the force in the right direction to core the apple. The serrated blade is then inserted to grind off the core away from the bottom, quick pull and the core is removed leaving a perfect cavity.

Apple season is here and you cannot beat a baked apple, it's a proper 'I fancy a sweet treat what's in the kitchen?' dessert. Core (not fully) an apple, fill the hole with a few raisins, cinnamon, oats, spoon full of brown sugar or honey, cover in foil and bake in oven. You can literally put anything inside that you fancy to make this delicious pudding.

Lots of people love the idea of solving a problem, designing a cure and sharing the idea with the world. This is what Andrew has achieved and we want to share his amazingly effective yet simple product. Once you have one, try coring a ripe tomato. Simply remove the core, then turn in upside down and shake out seeds. Ideal if your making a salsa or gazpacho soup, this makes the CoreStuff an indispensable kitchen item. What other fruit or vegetables would you core?