5 simple steps to cook the perfect Steak

Man needs meat, they say… So he should probably learn how to cook it!

Lots of uses for a griddle pan

  1. First off, choose the right pan. A heavy-duty, thick-based frying pan or griddle – like the Judge cast iron collection, or Sizzle & Serve – is perfect. Skillets can get really hot, quickly sealing the meat, but don’t overheat like Teflon-coated pans, so they release no chemicals, yet build up a natural non-stick.
  2. Next, select a mild oil with a high heat tolerance. When using a griddle some think it’s best to apply the oil directly to the meat but if you want to add to the pan - that's fine too.
  3. Heat the pan as you select your seasoning – try sea salt and pink pepper, or garlic salt for a flavour kick – and rub it gently into the flesh.
  4. When your pan is hot – aim for 220°C – gently lay your steak on top. Based upon a 3.5cm thick fillet, cooking time will range from 1½ (blue) to 5 (well done) minutes.
  5. Once cooked leave your meat to rest for 10 minutes, allowing it to reabsorb its juices, for the most succulent steak around.

If the wife’s not there, eat straight from the pan, like a real man – grr! Just place the Judge Sizzle & Serve griddle on its maple wood stand, sit yourself down and enjoy.  

Top Tip  - Heat up the pan, before you add your steak to guarantee the sizzle and sear, which seals in the flavour.