Christmas Pudding - its easier than you think to make.

 The lighting of the Christmas pudding is always a special moment

The lighting of the Christmas pudding is always a special moment

Have you ever noticed that there are certain foods that most of us think are too complicated to tackle? For me, one of the great big scary monsters was the Christmas pudding.

I've never dared to make one myself, but this year I'm giving it a try… and thought that you might like to join me! 

I've gone for a simple recipe (Please follow this link), which basically involves soaking the fruit in booze overnight (brandy is traditional, but I went for orange liqueur), then mixing the dry ingredients together the following day and combining the two with grated butter and eggs. You mix it all together before pouring the lot into a greased and lined pudding bowl.

Top Tip - to grate butter, freeze it first.

That done, you lay a piece of greaseproof paper over the top and gently lower the bowl into a pan of water – a pressure cooker apparently works well, but you need to use a lot of foil to keep it dry, so I thought I’d opt for the slow cooker – and leave it on low for around 6 hours - on the big day - return it to the slow cooker for about an hour.

The cooking smell is absolutely amazing – a waft of early Christmas that will have you reaching for the brandy butter.

Lighting the pudding always add drama, but please take care. I heated a couple of tablespoons of  brandy for about 15 seconds in the microwave and poured it over and lit it with a match. Success

The real test is whether you have the will power to store the fruity beauty away until the big day… As you can see, I couldn't!

Back to the mixing bowl for me!

What's special Ingredient do you add? Please share yours with us.