Make gravy like a pro

 What flavour gravy is your favourite?

What flavour gravy is your favourite?

Ditch the instant gravy granules, making your own gravy is simpler than you think and I guarantee it will taste better as well. Our chef Malcolm Harradine has done this quick video to show you exactly how.  If you like a chunkier gravy, leave the 'nobbly' bits in. What other adjustments to this recipe would you make?

Top tip- add a knob of butter at the end for a glossy finish.

Did you know it's now 1 in 5 men doing all the cooking indoors so let's make it easier for ourselves. Have you ever had that moment when you've cooked dinner, served it, literally sat down and someone says 'where's the gravy?' You were meaning to make it but in those last 3 minutes before serving it's easy to get distracted. All you need is to bring the job of making the gravy forward in the planning. Get it done whilst the meat is resting, use a thermal jug which keeps the gravy warm for over an hour allowing you to have both your hand free for all the carving and serving needing to be done in the final 3 minutes. 

Make double amounts of gravy after the roast and freeze leftovers. 

Packets of frozen gravy can then be used in or on your shepherds pie, bangers and mash or as a base for your casserole. Thinking a little further ahead allows you to always have great tasting gravy even if you've not had time to make it fresh.