Getting organised for Mother’s day


All events have a habit of sneaking up on us- mainly because most of us are only looking a week ahead. The trouble is to add a personal touch to things you need to be prepared. So here’s the advanced warning- Its Mother’s day on the 15th March. If you’ve been near a shop or watched TV you will have seen this. Have you thought of how to make it special this year? Will you be visiting your mum or helping your children give their mums a special treat.

 Judge 20cm Sandwich Tin

Judge 20cm Sandwich Tin

For those extra brownie points (we all need them!) why don’t you try baking? We promise it’s not tricky. You just need the kit and some time, the kids will love it and it will mean everyone has something lovely elevenses. Here’s the recipe for, our great chef Malcolm Harradine’s sponge cake (shop brought jam is allowed) and this is the tin you will need.

Great so you will then have a cake but if you still want to go that extra mile have a think about presentation, a few flowers in a vase, mini bottle of bubbly or some gorgeous napkins to save the mess. The best thing about Mother’s day is that it comes first in the year so if you make this special she will have to return the favour for Father’s day in June!

Good luck and as always show us your results.