Cupcakes - is it in the decoration or recipe?

 Anyone for a Pimms? - Cupcake?

Anyone for a Pimms? - Cupcake?

There aren’t many people that wouldn’t eat a cupcake, especially during this year’s National cupcake week. In the last few years cupcakes have become a thing of beauty, the decoration and presentation of them are amazing. Versatility is the reason they are so popular, they can be decorated to fit any theme, stuck together to make a bouquet of ‘roses’  and if the odd one isn’t quite perfect it gets ‘lost’ and no one would ever know.

So much time is spent on the incredible icing that is important to not forget the mixture and ensure your cake is still tasty.  The standard sponge recipe has been engrained in my head since school day cookery lessons. Which is 4oz of margarine, self-raising flour, caster sugar and 2 eggs (not forgetting the teaspoon of baking powder).  We have since moved to metric so that equates to 113g of each but that’s not so easy to remember. This batter is quickest mixed with an electric mixer  - or our hand mixer makes this task very light work and then divided into a 12 holed bun tin lined with paper cases.

12 hole fluted bun pan

All of our bakeware is heavy duty steel, which ensures even cooking around each of your buns and the 3 layers of non-stick release the cakes even if you don’t want to use paper cases without the need for any poking around with a knife.  We also sell fluted bun pans to give your bakes an elegant look for when you are trying to impress or mini cup cake for a dainty finish.  Once baked use a wire rack for cooling and then let your creative side go mad and decorate.

Current cupcake trends are cocktail inspired such as gin and tonic, mojito or, Pimms. Have you tried any of these?  Or maybe a more refined Earl Grey flavour would be more your cup of tea.  If you’re making them for children the more icing and decoration the better, just remember that after you’ve spent hours lovingly decorating them it will only take a matter of seconds for them to disappear.