Our bread machine earns its crust!

Just as you thought that the festivities were over it’s time for just one more. Get ready for National Bread Machine Month! Yes! Sound those celebratory crumpets… er… trumpets!

 A chunky slice of white bread. (from Freefoto.com)

A chunky slice of white bread. (from Freefoto.com)

OK, so it’s not quite up there with Christmas and New Year, but the humble bread maker does deserve a fanfare. Roughly 12 million loaves of bread are consumed in the UK every day. Shop bought is convenient, but homemade is so much better, and with a bread maker it’s pretty near effortless.

Using bread machines used to be hit or miss, but these days the standard is superb. With multiple settings and delayed cooking programmes, all you need to do it add the ingredients and push the button to start. The waft of freshly baked bread will soon be filling your home.

Add to that, the Judge Bread Maker is a real multi-tasker – press a different button and you can use it to bake cakes, mix dough for different purposes, or even make jam. If you want to see our bread machine in action the guys at Veggi Vision have produced a great film for us- just click here.

So yes, it might be just another day on celebratory calendar, but we think that the bread machine has really earnt its crust!