Souper benefits of soup

Soups have been used as part of a diet regime as long as I can remember, so there must be a reason for that. How often do you eat soup? Is it a healthy one? The rule of thumb is- clearer soups have less calories.

When you're making an effort to be healthy and eat correctly it is still nice to feel satisfied, eating soup will give you that full up warmth and without any guilt.  Soup can be eaten and enjoyed by every member of the family  included the children therefore decreasing the work load and the temptations for you to snack on what they are having.

 A warming butternut squash and chilli soup

A warming butternut squash and chilli soup

In January we probably all still have a fridge full of vegetables that need using up,  soup is ideal for this as anything goes, and there's no real need to follow a recipe. Using the Soup Maker, all of the nutrients are kept within the soup during cooking so this will make the soup more beneficial. You get 4 good servings out of the Judge soup maker so it is great for a family meal or to make a weeks worth of lunches for you. Alida from my Little Italian Kitchen made a fabulous vegetable soup in her soup maker, so click here to see that.

Top tip- Soup is great for sneaking extra vegetables into to your families diet.

My children have recently started enjoying soup ( think it might be the bread dipping that they love) annoyingly I started them on a can of tomato soup so I'm in the process of  converting them back to home-made ones so I can sneak in all sorts of vegetables. It's a new aim of mine, increase veg (without them knowing) and decease the salt in the soup they eat.

Whatever your reason is for making soup- dieting, increasing vegetables, decreasing salt  or just because soup is warming, versatile and delicious then there is a soup out there for you. If you have a favourite recipe, please share it with us here.