Why do big and little kids love Yorkshire Puddings so much?

Rarely do my children run to the dinner table with happiness, usually they are dragging their feet saying 'what is it tonight?' But if they know I have made Yorkshire puddings it's a race to the table. I asked why they love them so much, the answer was - ' cause they are lovely. That isn't helpful but I do agree with them.

 4 crunchy Yorkshire puddings- just right for the family.

4 crunchy Yorkshire puddings- just right for the family.

I've had friends ask ' How do I make the perfect Yorkshire pudding?' I'm not sure mine are perfect but they do rise, I use equal parts of the ingredients in the batter and seriously hot oil. My mum even used to used beef dripping. If you like following a recipe, I have found this BBC food one works well.  I often get my children to help making them as it's simple measuring out and fun whisking with a balloon whisk. They have always loved cracking eggs and both mastered the technique aged 4 so nowadays we don't often end up with the shell included. The biggest issue is how much too make as everyone in my family love them, I often make giant ones and put a dinner they aren't so keen on inside it (craft parenting tricks).

Top tip-  1 quantity of the recipe is sufficient  for a 12 hole muffin tin, 2x 4  hole Yorkshire pudding tins, or 1 dinner plate sized tin for a giant pudding.


This February is going to be batter filled as Shrove Tuesday is around the corner so get practising as a good batter is a versatile and easy win for children and adults alike. How often is batter made in your home? Are Yorkshire's or pancakes a weekly occurrence for you?