Do you agree? Nothing says ‘Easter’ quite like that warm spicy smell of toasty hot cross buns

Every year, as soon as Christmas is out of the way, my thoughts turn to those tasty doughy treats, wondering how soon is ‘too soon’ to bake my first batch.. 

 Delicious toasted with lashings of butter! Yum! Yum!

Delicious toasted with lashings of butter! Yum! Yum!

I think I love the smell even more than the flavour – and the flavour is pretty hard to beat! Someone clever should bottle it, that slightly burnt aroma. It would trounce any air-freshener on the market!

Traditionally, hot cross buns were only ever eaten on Good Friday, a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. However, the sumptuous combination of sticky sweetness and fruity, spicy, yeasty goodness has seen them become an Easter staple, filling the shops as early as February, much to the annoyance of some Christians.

As you’ve gathered, I can see the draw of making them available for more than just one day per year. I’m not the only one though – the kids dive in and devour them – and as they’re so easy to make I can’t help but indulge in a couple of batches.

If you fancy trying your hand at these scrummy Easter treats, check out this recipe by Delia Smith – it really couldn't be simpler and we used our Judge bread maker to whizz them up

Top tip: use a little extra yeast for a richer dough. 

Rich and fruity, the hot cross bun is great for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea time, or a sneaky late night snack. Just toast them well and slather on the butter. Perfection!