Time for a cuppa?

      Ah, who doesn't like a decent brew?


Ah, who doesn't like a decent brew?

 Whether it’s a mug of builder’s, or a matcha made in heaven, tea is synonymous with us Brits. Imported from China, it was once more expensive than gold, and I say rightly so – I couldn't start my day without a cup of Breakfast Tea… Even if I do stick to tea bags! 

Although I love the ritual of warming the pot and waiting for the leaves to brew, it’s a treat I reserve for when I have guests and feel like doing something special… Partly because I keep losing my strainer!

 Tea with friends

Tea with friends

The Judge Brew Control Glass Teapot with built-in strainer is a real revelation. I won’t pretend that it’s broken my tea bag habit, but it does mean that I’ll use the pot a little more often!

Top tip

Warm the pot; brew the tea; pour milk into a bone china cup or mug. That’s the way I like it. Do you have a special way of drinking yours? 

Did you know?

·         Tea can prevent tooth decay – if taken without milk and sugar.

·         Green tea has been proven to have anti-ageing properties and to improve brain function.

·         Matcha has been shown to enhance weight loss through increased metabolism.

·         Drinking tea can reduce your risk of heart failure.

·         Herbal tea can soothe the digestive system.

·         There are no calories in tea – yippee!