Steaming 4 ways

 If you are a fan of asparagus, have you tried using one of these?

If you are a fan of asparagus, have you tried using one of these?

Steaming is most commonly used in China, India and North Africa- want to know why? Because it requires a small amount of energy and water. If you struggled to get water then you would find the most efficient ways of cooking with it. We are fortunate not to have that issue but it’s still worth giving steaming a go if you haven’t already.

There are several ways to steam, I personally use a multi steamer insert. It fits on any saucepan so whenever I have potatoes, rice or pasta in the man saucepan I pop the all the veg in the steamer. It is then all cooked using the same hob and is generally all ready to serve at the same time. We have other steamers from the basic steamer basket (which is in my camping kit) to the electrical turbo steamer which is great for cooking a full fish meal. If you are seriously into asparagus you could consider the specialised steamer for them.

 My mum is a super steamer and has a built in one in her kitchen- she loves it! When the whole family comes over, that’s 14 of us. She steams 2 whole broccolis, a cauliflower and a bag of carrots all in this one steamer!

Top tip- add herbs to the water to add flavour to the food you are steaming

We’ve probably baffled you with so many options, if you want advice on which one is right for you then message us in the comments section and we can chat about you cooking style and recommend which steamer would be most suited to you.