Are you a masterchef in the field?

 Do you take the whole kitchen when camping?

Do you take the whole kitchen when camping?

Why do more and more campsites include food? Some have a café or others have a van but I've stayed at a few recently and their services are well used. Camping is meant to be a relaxing time for the whole family to enjoy and fair enough that people do want a break from cooking. When you arrive at 6pm then spend an hour struggling and arguing over putting up the tent (whilst watching the air beam tent owners blow theirs up in a couple of minutes) the last thing you want to do is start cooking a spag bol.

I do think part of the camping experience is cooking, even in the rain! Most Saturday nights you can't move for BBQ's which is fab as the kids are up late running around and adults are relaxed drinking beer. So that's the weekend campers but every year we do at a 14 night holiday away in our tent so you do have to get creative with them menu and invest in good equipment.

Top Tip- invest in a good camp kitchen box or bag.

I have a fishing bag as our camp kitchen, it's ideal as it has plenty of pockets for the small things and also a massive space for the big stuff. I decided a few years ago that naff saucepans are awful having to drain things when in a field is ridiculous. I now take a Judge Vista pan with me which makes cooking rice and pasta simple. I also love these Stellar knives as they are bright and come with sheaths so are easy to find within the chaos of camping.

My Judge scoop chopping board keeps all the chopped food gathered so no more losing onion in the grass.

I love camping and even though the cooking takes longer and it's a faff having to queue to wash up - it's all part of it. As the years go by I am relaxing more and visiting more local pubs for the odd dinner.

How much do you cook when camping? What kitchen equipment could you not survive without?