Lunchbox fun, is it worth it?

 School lunchbox, Can you remember what was inside yours?

School lunchbox, Can you remember what was inside yours?

There are so many parenting/nutritional articles telling me I should be creative with my sons lunchbox, but I have spent 3 years blissfully ignoring them.  Would my son think I'm a better or more fun mum because I cut his sandwiches in shapes?  Guilt ridden, eventually,  I thought the only fair if I gave it a go.

I have one son who has school dinners and loves them 5 days a week and another who refuses to eat them so I have to make a lunchbox every day (apart from Fridays as he loves the school fish fingers and chips). I give him a chocolate spread sandwich, a frube, a piece of fruit, a tub of cucumber and pepper and a homemade cake. It is easy to get in groundhog day with packed lunches and I’m now up for a challenge of doing something interesting and seeing if my 5 year old notices or indeed cares.

Top Tip- tuck a note in sometimes. I sent a note saying 'I love you' and that got the best reaction of all.

Monday- Leftover roast dinner- Yorkshire pudding, chicken, carrot, cucumber, frube, banana and homemade chocolate chip cake.

Tuesday- Bagel with cheese, salami and cucumber, strawberries, orange, frube and an apple pie.

Wednesday- Ham and cheese wrap, frube, cucumber, melon, bread sticks and homemade chocolate and raisin cake.

Thursday- Sausage roll. melon, cucumber, pepper, ham, melon, banana, homemade chocolate and raisin cake.

Feedback from Zac

"my bagel was cold" he usually has them toasted.

My conclusion

The lunchboxes do not look very exciting even when I was trying to add variety, they still all include cucumber and a frube every day. Zac only told me the things he didn't like not the things he did. He ate 90% of it every day so I'm happy. I am lucky because he does eat a good selection of foods (although I would always like to add more). In the future it may be 2 days of chocolate spread sandwich's but on the other 2 I will be adding something interesting for him.