BBQ, Beer, and Football – it’s going to be a great few weeks

After all the hype the Euros are finally here, but if – like me – you’ve not been able to get tickets to any of the big games, there’s still plenty of ways to enjoy the spectacle. Mine involves good food, great beer, and the biggest TV I could lay my hands on and a few friends!

Beer and barbeques are two of man’s oldest traditions. We’ve been brewing beer for more than 7,000 years, since our Neolithic ancestors discovered that water tastes better when you add something a little bit cheeky – and fermented – to the mix. It became the tipple of choice for masses of societies because unlike wine, it can be made practically anywhere from practically anything; it lasts really well, and, let’s face it; it tastes pretty damn amazing.

These days, I favour my beer more heavily hopped – something like a nice IPA, which goes down a treat served in one of Judge’s double-walled highball glasses, which keeps it at the perfect temperature for ages –  but whatever your taste, raise your glass to the Friday feeling, kick back, relax and enjoy the Footie. 

Top tip - goes without saying - don't drink and drive