Yummy yoghurt

 Different flavours of yoghurt made by  Kitchen Delights

Different flavours of yoghurt made by Kitchen Delights

Should you be making more of your own fresh food? We all have different priorities and time available for making our food. Some people make pastry, a lot buy it ready made. A few people make their own yoghurt, you may not and might think it’s a step too far. But wait until you’ve tried truly fresh yoghurt and then make a judgement to see if it’s worth investing the time for.

Yoghurt is a great way to increase the amount of dairy you consume, you need between 3 and 5 portions a day. Lots of people do not drink enough milk; it has many health benefits such as great skin, bones and teeth as well as healthy muscles. There are many types of milk that you can use in the yoghurt make, UHT, pasteurised, unpasteurised, powdered and soyabean milk. All you do it heat the milk, mix this at 60:1 ratio with a live yoghurt, pour into the Judge Yoghurt maker and you will have a lot homemade yoghurt.

Top tip-If you want sweeter yoghurt try adding fruit to it.

 Yoghurt filled raspberries from  Feeding Finn

Yoghurt filled raspberries from Feeding Finn

We realise you are still adding some shop brought  yoghurt, but if you have time read this BBC article that says yoghurts contains between 21-30g of sugar. By making your own you are in control of which flavourings you add if you want to add any sugar, honey or fruit.

Yoghurt is also a great base for salad dressings or curry sauce. We have also put together a Pinterest board of yoghurt inspired snacks, ranging from muesli pots to ice lollies. I’m going to make the raspberry filled with yoghurt this week, what will you try?