Is it jam before cream, or cream before jam?

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And do you pronounce them ‘scons’ to rhyme with ‘dons’, or ‘scones’ to rhyme with ‘cones’?  
There’s nothing like a cream tea to trigger a verbal bun-fight, but then, in my view there’s nothing like a cream tea, full stop. 
Holidaying in Devon and Cornwall just wouldn’t be the same without the cream tea; whether built upon plain scones or fruited, they seem to call out to you as you drive down those beautiful country lanes, weaving your way towards the sea. It’s what my youth was made of, and I’ve never lost the taste.   

Sweet – but not too sweet – and accompanied by a steaming cuppa, the cream tea is sinful, delightful, and completely beguiling, so join us this Friday in celebration of National Cream Tea Day!  And if you are brewing up a treat - why not take a look at our Brew Control Tea pot - its more than your average tea pot.

Top scone-eating tips: 

•    Always clotted cream – never whipped and certainly not sprayed from a can!
•    Use butter as well as cream – it will always taste better.
•    Break the scone, don’t slice it.
•    According to Debrett’s, it’s always jam before cream (sorry Devonshire!)  
•    Always tea – loose leaf – never coffee, if you’re going to do it right! 

The only question left to ask - Who would like to share your cream tea with?