Helping you serve an Ace!

 Where's the rackets? How is it Wimbledon again already?

Where's the rackets? How is it Wimbledon again already?

It seems no more than a few weeks ago that we watched with anguish as Andy Murray bowed out early, but we’re here once again, waiting for another golden moment - practising with make do rackets! 

I’ve never been to Wimbledon; I’ve never had the pleasure of sitting around Centre Court – although that comes with the blessing of having a mute button to hand should Sir Cliff get the urge to start singing, and smugness when the raincoats come out! – but I still like to make an event of it.

When I was little I used to get caught up in the buzz, spending a few weeks every summer making a hash of serving as I tried to prove my prowess amongst my friends… These days the only things I regularly serve around Wimbledon are strawberries, cream, Pimms, and a sneaky glass of fizz for the final if we’re in with a chance of winning, but if you are having friends round to celebrate why not keep your drinks cool with Judge Double Walled Glass and serve in style with Judge Slate?

So come on Andy; show us what dreams are made of!  We will serve with style, we hope you do too. Its game set and match serving up with Judge Slate!

Top Tip - Keep your eye on the  ball!