Sports day – it’s all about the kids – right??!

 Finished the races and off to the pub for some chips!

Finished the races and off to the pub for some chips!

Sports day fills me with dread, it bring back memories of embarrassing moments at school and I worry someone will make me join in the parents race. This year alone I've watch people fall flat on the faces and heard of someone break their arm all due to the competitiveness of the parents race. Full respect to them as their kids love seeing them join in (I made my husband partake) and wore heels!

Weather wise sports day seems to either be rainy or ridiculously hot. This year we had rain so I apologise for the grey photos. My task was to get some kids to use the new Judge sports bottles and see what they think- these are their comments.

Kirsty (11) ' I love that the water comes out quickly'

Kirsty's mum- ' It's great that it keeps the drinks cool'

George (7) and Ella (5) 'an epic bottle' and 'can I have squash in it?'

George and Ella's mums 'Seems hard wearing and will withstand being bashed around but the water does come out a bit quick'

Delilha (4) 'It's cute'

Delilha's ' The locking lid is really handy- as long as she remembers to shut it properly'

Top tip- use nail varnish to decorate them so you know whose is whose

My boys Ethan (7) and Zac (5) are more than happy with them, I had to pimp them slightly so I could tell whose was whose. My boys wouldn't share a water bottle they 'might get each others germs!'

Thank you to my friends who gave me this feedback and for letting me take photos of their children in exchange for a sports bottle.