How much money can you make from one Popcorn machine and a bag of corn? !

 The story of how Colonel Pop quadrupled his money!

The story of how Colonel Pop quadrupled his money!

Imaging making £165 profit from only £40 investment as a teenager- amazing right?

This is what Ed and his friends did for their enterprise week at school. Did you ever do one? Get in a team, write a business plan, make a product, sell it and hope you make some money (just like the #Apprentice). During my week my friends and I made beaded bracelets and probably made £30 in total. So I'm was amazed by the success of Ed's Colonel POP business.

They had 2 Judge popcorn makers  which made 175 bags of popcorn in 3 hours (with some breaks) which was about 6 cubic feet of popcorn! Which they sold for  between £1 & £1.50 each. They had a stall at the YouNGMarket in West Bridgeford and did a poptastic trade. Why not check out their Facebook page, there's some excellent videos of their time, we were most impressed by their selling skills and educational video about popcorn and have a link to their chosen charity too. Fabulous marketing, and loved their flare for making flavoured popcorn -  these kids are truly talented.  Please click to visit their page

Ed is the son of one of our retailers, he must get is business skills from his Dad, Mike at Connaught online

We are really proud that our simple popcorn machine will be part of these young people memories of their week of being in business. They did so well they were awarded a special commendation from the YouNG market team. So a huge well done to Ed and his friends.

We hope you've learnt some tips, please share your fund raising and young enterprising stories here. Thanks.