Results are in - Yippee, at last they are off to Uni!

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Results are in, and thousands of teenagers across the country will be heading off to university for the first time. While this brings some glee for parents at the prospect of a tidy home, there’s always that anxious twinge of worry: how on earth will they cope alone?

When my son started uni last year, I found it helped to be prepared, so I began a little project. While he needed to have some household essentials – pots, pans, knives, crockery etc., – he didn’t need to have the best quality, because I knew that he’d never care for them and would probably lose or destroy most of them by the end of his first year! He’s my son, I love him dearly, but I know his limitations! .

So, here’s my tip for starting that uni prep: make a list of all of the things that you think your new student will need, then go through your cupboards and dig out those things from your own cupboards and make a note if you need to replace with new. It needs to be functional for a student - that's about it. 

That way, when your home is feeling empty and you’re feeling teary for the big lumbering bundle of hormones who’ll not be home until Christmas, you can perk yourself up with a serious shopping trip, and restock your kitchen with matching kit from Judge!  

Top tip - stick to a colour - then if the item is that colour there's a chance its their's  

 Dreaming about my new Judge Vista pans and stainless steel tools

Dreaming about my new Judge Vista pans and stainless steel tools

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