5 top rice cooking tips

 What do you add to your rice?

What do you add to your rice?

Our 5 top tips to cooking rice are:-

  1. Measure carefully
  2. Rinse
  3. Leave
  4. Cook steadily
  5. Don't reheat

Our first recommendations is when measuring, I use a 1:2 ratio i.e,  1 cup of rice and 2 cups of  water, when the water has all gone it normally means the rice is cooked. 

Rinse the rice grains before you start cooking  as it removes the starch. It's best left to cook on its own, so don't be tempted to stir it whilst its cooking as this is likely to make it go stodgy. Be patient and cook with a gentle heat as this ensures a consistent temperature through the pans and reduces the chance of it burning.  Once cooked, rinse again by pouring boiling water over it to wash off more starch and then finally fork it through to fluff it up. Its best to avoid reheating it, but if you do make sure its piping hot.  

Is it worth investing in a gadget to help you cook rice?  This probably depends on how often you eat it. 

If you only have rice once a month, cooking in a pan of gently simmering water is probably the best solution for you. 

If you have rice several times a week it's probably worth having a rice cooker. This ensures having the perfect rice every time. It is also useful for a busy family that might be eating at different times in the evening as it will keep the rice warm for up to  6 hours.