Parental food tricks

 Anything goes when trying to feed a baby

Anything goes when trying to feed a baby

It starts from weaning – parents are always trying to feed a child something they don’t want to eat. There has been food thrown across the room, bribery, blackmail and distraction all used in the vein attempts to make children eat. Will your child eat vegetables? Sometimes it isn’t even vegetables; children will turn their nose up at the least expected things.

I love the faces kids pull and how clear a 7 month old can be if they don’t want to eat something. We’ve all seen funny videos on Facebook of the efforts parents will go to to get their child to eat.

My friend was appalled once when they saw me feed my son a spoon of dinner topped with yoghurt! I didn’t think it was a major problem as it always worked but it can’t be the best way to teach your child to eat. Is there a parent out there that hasn’t made aeroplane or even train noises to try get their little one just to open their mouths for 1 second.

These futile attempts continued for years- a friend recently sent me a snapchat of some buns with the caption ‘The kids WILL eat banana’. I loved this so I have just baked a set of hidden banana cupcakes. It’s not the healthiest way to eat bananas but some week Zac will eat one daily and other weeks he won’t dream of consuming one.

Don’t even get me started on the quantities of ketchup some children squirt all over their dinners, masking all taste just so they will eat it. I must also hold my hand up to this- one son really isn’t keen on potato so I let him use quite a lot of ketchup on those nights.

I’m desperately hoping fighting between my children and I will magically stop one day but I’m realistic enough to know I will just run out of energy to cajole them into eating things they obviously don’t like. To give then their due they do always at least try new things and compared to some of their friends they eat an amazing variety of food. We do all have ‘that’ friend whose child eats everything with no complaining and puts my children to shame.