Are you like me? Simply the worst at drinking water?

Feeling thirsty? This means you are already dehydrated!

I have recently learnt this and more, everyone knows that we should all drink more water. I thought I would research the reasons to encourage myself to increase the amount I drink. 

I am a self confessed coffee addict, the thought of a plain glass of tap water just isn't appealing, but there are so many good reasons to drink more water.

Here are just a few-

  • Reduce crankiness
  • Better performance
  • Lose weight
  • Flush out toxins
  • Reduce headaches

There are also longer term benefits such a preventing cancer and making your skin glow (which at my age is a real plus point).

Reluctantly I have decided to give this a go, my plan is to top up my glass as soon as I empty it. I'm really enjoying adding a simple slice of lemon to give a fresher taste to the water. Hot water also counts and I've stocked up on a herbal teas. Which flavour do you like best? I'm enjoying raspberry. The extra trips to the bathroom are also a good thing as every step is being counted on my pedometer. 


 Water and a dash of lemon - yum!

Water and a dash of lemon - yum!

I have been using the Judge double walled glasses which keep the water cool, pop in an ice cube and your drink will stay colder for longer. 

Will you join me on my quest  to never be thirsty? Lets have a healthy 2017. I will be posting about my progress on here and our social media accounts.