Kitchen Knives - top tips, using, buying, caring and storing.

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You can't live without a knife, even the people in the stone age realised that. The problem is buying knives can be confusing as there's so much choice.  Judge offers you variety,  because we understand, everyone has a different way of doing things, people prefer different sizes and styles.  

Which is your go to knife? 

Buying knives

If you are just starting out in your first house then a set of knives may well be your best option, (as they include the most commonly used knives). We have designed these sets to cover all the usual cooking requirements. 

Once you have been cooking for a few years,  you will know the style, size, and weight of knife you prefer so adding to your collection should be simpler but it might not be. The materials used in Knife manufacture are evolving.  When deciding to purchase a new knife, we would recommend seeking advice in the store, or visit our website to see the stand out characteristics, look for guarantees too, all Judge knives have a 25 year guarantee as we are confident they will last a lifetime. 


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A popular choice is a knife block, but worktop space tends to be a premium area in all kitchens so, it may not always be best solution. You may consider hanging them on a metallic rack or if you do store them in a draw please buy a special insert as the worse thing for knives is to be thrown in a draw with all the other kitchen utensils. They will go blunt very quickly.


Some places say you should sharpen your knife before each use but we do not think this is realistic.  Our knife sharpeners are easy to use and we would suggest running the blades through 5-6 times to keep a good edge, every 2 weeks. Steels are excellent for sharpening but you will need to practice to make sure you get the correct angle - here's a good demo

Top tip - be aware of what surface you are chopping on,  ceramic, glass or marble will quickly blunt a blade. We recommend using wood or plastic boards. 

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