What is it we like about Yorkshire Puddings?


I like the the mixture of crispy top and slightly soggy bottom.  How about you? Do you like a totally crisp Yorkshire?

Perhaps another reason, we love them so much is, it's the challenge of making them, and perhaps we see it as a measure of our baking prowess?

I find when I make the effort to make them, I like that magical moment when I look in the oven 10 mins after putting the mixture in, and they’ve started to rise, and even more magical is when I look back 10 minutes later, they’ve double in size again. And finally about 25 mins after I've have popped them in the oven – they are ready and I simply lift them out and pop them on top of your Sunday roast as the perfect finishing touch.

I must admit when I take them out of the oven,  I do like them to be still slightly soggy at the base, it’s the mix of textures I like.  How about you? I also like to hollow centre, so that I an fill it with Gravy.

Here are my Top Tips for Yorkie Success 

  • Place a small knob of lard, or a teaspoon of veg oil in each muffin tin, (or you could use the Judge Yorkshire pudding tin), and place in a hot oven.
  • Once the tin and oil is hot, take the tin out, and pour the mixture into the tin
  • Cook on a very high heat about (220 °c) for the first 10 mins and then reduce heat to about 190°c for the remainder of the time.

When I've read about making Yorkshire puddings, there’s lots of pro’s and cons for making the mixture early,  to let it stand, or use it freshly made.  There's no consistency,  so I’d make it when you have time to make it.

I often use Jame’s Martin’s recipe for making Yorkshire puddings, after all as a Yorkshire man, surely he must be qualified to know what's best?

My final thought is, when is it appropriate to serve Yorkshires puddings? Our household tends to serve them with Roast beef only, but I know there’s many of you that will serve them far more often – can you share when you do?

Yorkshire pudding (5).jpeg