Gloves on – we are entering the oven!

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You can find ranges of textiles for the kitchen in so many shops,  the choice is huge! But how often do you actually use the correct item for the job? Are you someone who reaches for the nearest t-towel to get something out of the oven rather than taking the 5 seconds it needs to put on an oven glove?

We all know using an oven glove or mitt is the most sensible thing as they are made of the correct fabrics to withstand high temperatures. Another feature we use is hybrid silicone which reduces slippage, providing you with even more grip on the tray and a barrier to any unwanted  hot fat.

Gloves, mitts, double ended mitts, which would you choose?  It is important that you choose a style that suits the way you handle cookware. If you often cook heavy items in heavy trays you should use both hands to make sure you have a firm grip, you need either the double ended mitt or two single mitts. 

We don't want to patronise as everyone is aware how hot an oven is, we just want to make sure you have suitable equipment to keep you and your family safe. (Stop grabbing those t-towels and use the proper oven gloves!).

Top tip- t-towels even when folded are not thick enough to with stand oven temperatures! Use an oven mitt!

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