Just how many Pancake days can you have?

 Stack those pancakes high with fruit and sauces!

Stack those pancakes high with fruit and sauces!

Loads we hear you cry!

Why should pancakes be saved for only 1 day a year? My family have pancakes for breakfast probably about once a month, they love the classic lemon and sugar topping. I'm trying to encourage fruit filled ones but currently failing at that! I know of plenty of friends who are starting early this year as there are so many pancake variations to experiment with, it would be a shame to only enjoy these on Shrove Tuesday.

We always do the standard British thin pancake but I'm keen to trying making some fluffy American ones and I've also seen some really cool Pancakes just made with mashed banana and eggs. Defiantly going to see if my children will eat those. Which recipe do you use in your house?

Savoury pancakes are another area to be explored- we recently gave away a crepe pan on our Facebook page, all people had to do was tell us their favourite pancake flavours/toppings. The savoury suggestions sound incredible, we had

  • Spinach, chickpea & masala potatoes
  • Gruyère cheese, spinach, tomato, and a sunny-side-up egg and if I'm being really flash I'd add a few shavings of fresh truffles.
  • Cheese and bacon
  • Grated cheese and chilli in the middle and seal the filling inside so they're like a pancake Cornish pastry
  • Cheese and leeks
  • Gorgonzola and walnut crepes

Sweet pancakes were still the outright favourite, with toppings such as Nutella, Mars Bars, Caramacs and marshmallows.

What ever you put on your pancake, make sure you make a lot of batter first. We have drawn up a kit list of all the vital equipment you will need for the perfect pancake. Have a fabulous week and don't forget to let us know just how many pancakes you eat over the next 10 days!