Who can resist waffles?

  No one in my house!

No one in my house!

However, as we eat them coated in thick layers of sugar, golden syrup and chocolate spread, we don’t have them very often! But I’ve just discovered a new way to eat tasty, homemade waffles that won’t pile on the calories – savoury waffles! If you’re tempted to give a Miranda-style response here (“Savoury waffles, I don’t know you any more!”) all I can say is, give them a chance . . . .

There are loads of recipes out there to suit everyone in the family and they’re so easy to make - just add your chosen ingredients to the batter and stir until smooth. While you let the batter rest, preheat your waffle maker (we've used our Judge Sandwich Grill and Waffle maker) then, once the light tells you it’s ready, just pour in the batter, close the lid and cook until your waffle is golden brown. In about five minutes you’ll have a delicious and guilt-free breakfast, lunch or supper! I love bacon waffles topped with scrambled egg for breakfast or cheese waffles with tomato soup for lunch.

Top tip: try potato waffles for the children’s tea. The children love them and it’s a great way to use up last night’s left over potato – you can add onion, garlic and black pepper for more sophisticated taste buds.

I’m always on the hunt for new savoury recipes - James Martin’s are delicious and so easy. My favourite supper this week is smoked salmon and chive waffles but who knows what it’ll be next week! One thing I do know, now that we moved from sweet to savoury, I’m more than happy to have waffles on the menu every day!