Do you know the key to a delicious pizza?

Sarah Christie Extrordinary Chaos shares how easy it is to make Authentic Home Made Pizza and wonders why she's not done it before - its just so easy.

Sarah writes.. Now please don't roll your eyes at me, but I have a confession to make. I have only just learnt how to make homemade pizza. I just assumed it would be a really complicated affair. Once I had mastered the fine art of cooking a home-made pizza on a pizza stone I wondered,  why I hadn't learned this oh so super skill much sooner.

Because here is the thing, it has made me very popular with the teenagers of the household!

Who knew that was all it would take. I started to talk about it with friends and quickly realised it's not just me that is late to the pizza party. Hardly any of my friends had ever made a homemade pizza. All of who are great cooks too. One questioned why I would do such things when you can buy them ready-made. And one suggested making homemade was using a pre-made base and adding the topping yourself. 

Apart from the cost implications of homemade vs. takeaway, the Christie teen and tween will confirm they taste so much better and fresher. Yes, there is a time investment involved, but if it is used as a time to chat over your week and laugh together as you cook then that has to be a winning formula. 

The key to a delicious pizza is a pizza stone - I was given this Judge one; I find this is the best way of getting the authentic crispy taste. And so simple to use, all you need to do is pre heat the stone for 30 minutes prior to using, sprinkle with corn flour and its ready to go. The Judge pizza stone comes with a handy stand to keep the store off worktops. And with a little supervision our youngest Joe who is 11 has successfully built his pizza on many occasions. 

Top Tip - from Sarah; The secret to success is to have all toppings prepared, and your pizza dough at room temperature ready to go. It’s just a case of rolling building and returning to the oven quickly. And the stone retains its heat very well so little or no heat is lost in this time.

I have found pizzas cook evenly where before I had to keep turning them, and the base has a crispy more authentic taste when cooked on stone.

I recently invited said homemade pizza skeptics for a pizza feast. They promptly ordered their own stones and now are happily cooking pizza feasts themselves. One even had a pizza party for her son's birthday. How’s that for converts? 

And when teens prefer homemade to take away that really speaks volumes. 

There is an awful lot to be said these days for knowing exactly what is in our food. And I can categorically 100% state every ingredient they consume which means a lot to me. For us homemade is the way forward, the new Friday night takeaway, cooked in.

Please check out my recipe here

A huge thank you to Sarah. Please pop over to Sarah's Blog to find out more about her adventures of her growing family and keeping the chaos under control.  Judge.