Does your cookware work for you?

 Prawn stir fry in the Judge Radiant Chef's pan

Prawn stir fry in the Judge Radiant Chef's pan

Historically all our cookware sets include 3 saucepans and a sauté pan but modern family cooking has moved on from those days. We have developed a range to change with your cooking styles. A lot of people now cook their main meal in a frying pan or chefs pan for foods dinner curry, chilli, Mexican and Asian foods. So do you need all those saucepans or is a new wok more suitable for you?

This is our Judge Radiant range.

It has been specially designed for use on induction hobs. So if you are thinking about upgrading your cookware at the same time as refurbishing your kitchen have a look at our latest range.

  • Milk pan

It has a old school name, not many people use it to warm milk anymore. We think it is more commonly used to make sauces and gravy or for those of you without a microwave this is still your ideal pan for scrambled eggs and warming baked beans or custard.

  • Frying pan

It's a classic, used for everything. The decision is really just, what size do you need? For one or two people we suggest the middle 24cm one as it will do everything from a weekend fry up to a tasty dinner. If you have a family it's probably wise to buy a small 22cm pan and a 26cm pan to cover all eventualities.

  • Wok

 Perfect pancake in the Judge Radiant crepe pan

Perfect pancake in the Judge Radiant crepe pan

A must if you love oriental cooking. Flip those ingredients high!

  • Chef's pan

Imagine if a frying pan and wok had a baby, we call this a chef pan. It's a great all rounder, with slightly higher sides to cope with a saucy dinner - it doubles as a saucepan too

  • Crepe pan

Pancakes can be cooked in a frying pan but they are so much easy to flip it from a special crepe pan.

A few bloggers were sent a pan to review. To read what they think click on their names. DB Reviews, Glug of Oil and The Crafty Larder. We also loved Kevin (The Crafty Larder's) video when he washed up his Judge Radiant pan.

If you want any advice on what pan is best for you then please contact us via Twitter, Facebook, Email or the good old Telephone.