Houmous for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Could you/ would you eat houmous for breakfast, lunch and dinner? It is what this website is suggesting we all do on May the 13th- International Hummus Day! It's not the most obvious day to celebrate but those of us who love all things chick pea reckon- why not!

We are a Bristol based company and we luckily have a restaurant registered on the houmous map- Biblos, I've not been there yet so if anyone has a review then please do leave a comment below. There is also a spelling issue with the houmous, having just checked a dictionary it seems both ways are fine, houmous or hummus but I also know people do humous!

We think around 90% of people buy ready made houmous which is fine but we think once you've made houmous at home from scratch there's no going back to the shop stuff. The flavours you get from freshly ground chick peas, fresh garlic and lemon makes it just so delicious. Once you have your basic recipe you can start to play around by adding roasted peppers, chilli, courgette or pretty much anything you like.

Top tip- sprinkle some pine nuts on top to add some crunch!

 Harris lamb and houmous flatbread from BBC Good Food

Harris lamb and houmous flatbread from BBC Good Food

The challenge is houmous for breakfast lunch and dinner,  so perhaps a Tunisian main course such as this Harissa lamb and houmous flatbreads for dinner, and lunch - well crudités wouldn't be complete without a bowl of houmous to dip your cucumber and carrot sticks in, but breakfast? We welcome your suggestions.  

Obviously we are going to just quickly mention our ideal product for all this houmous you are now inspired to make- it is the awesome Judge Mini Chopper! Love at first use for many of the people who have reviewed it for us. I won't repeat everything they have said but here's the links for you to read them.

Eileen from ET Speaks From Home

Good Housekeeping gave it 87/100

Jan from A Glug of Oil

Amanda Brown at What's Good To Do

Also here's our YouTube video of it in use.

Please remember to share your breakfast humous suggestions here