Is it only women that can multi task?

 Comes naturally to some

Comes naturally to some

I use baking as a way of relaxing and winding down from the stresses of the day but I still love to multi-task in the kitchen – I just can’t stop myself! That’s why I depend on a good food mixer.

Something like Judge’s Twin Blade Mixer with Stand is brilliant because it has all the speed controls and attachments you need, without being so large that it takes over your work surface. I love the fact that I can leave it mixing while I get on with the 101 other things that need doing in the evening – cooking dinner, washing up, preparing packed lunches for the next day  . . . and so it goes on! 

It makes such light work of blending and aerating ingredients and it’s so easy to use that it’s great for getting children hooked on baking - rather than just eating the results! I think if you asked my children, they’d probably say that the best thing about Judge’s mixer is that it comes with an easily detachable bowl – not because it makes the bowl easy to clean but because it makes it easy to scrape or lick out!

We’ve made everything from scones and cakes to meringues in our mixer and it never lets us down.

Top Tip: if you’re using your mixer to make meringue, make sure you wipe it round with lemon first as this cuts away any residual grease for perfect results.

So, if you think you haven’t got time to fit baking in at the end of the day, think again. It just comes down to a bit of multi-tasking - and you’re already a master at that!