Please join our Afternoon Tea Debate

Hooray – the sun is shining and it’s Wimbledon fortnight. All that’s missing is the great afternoon tea that you get at Wimbledon! But if your only chance of watching the tennis is on the TV, why not do what I do and make your own homemade treat to enjoy that Wimbledon experience to the full?

In honour of tennis and British summertime, I’m doing some serious scone baking this week. I don’t know about you but my favourite is the traditional fruit scone - I’m also making plain scones for the fussier eaters in my house! What could be simpler than a scone recipe – rub flour, baking powder and butter together with your fingertips until the mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs and then add your sugar, sultanas (or not), milk and egg and mix until you get a soft (but not too sticky) dough. Knead lightly and then roll gently on a lightly floured surface before cutting out as many scone shapes as you can.

Top Tip: I recommend a 5cm cutter for scone perfection as it allows you to get plenty of jam and cream on! Judge’s set of six dishwasher-safe, crinkle-edged or straight-edged round cutters are just the job. Remember, don’t twist the cutter, push straight down into your scone dough and lift straight out to make sure of an even rise.

Of course, if you’re baking and eating scones, you really have to join in the great afternoon tea debate – jam or cream first? Whatever you decide, I suggest serving your scones split open rather than sandwiched together for double the jam and cream - or cream and jam! We‘re all enjoying trying to make up our minds on this one and, to be honest, our research looks set to continue long after Wimbledon is over – I hope yours does too!