Don't let the weather stop you- BBQ inside

 Bring the outside in with our table grill

Bring the outside in with our table grill

How many times have you been stranded out in the rain under an umbrella doing the BBQ? Or just as bad, - it's a gorgeous summers day and you're left manning the BBQ whilst all your mates are drinking cold beers and chilling out. Even with all this the lure of BBQing is just too strong- the smell of char-grilled meat just has to be consumed! 

Are the days of just having a burgers and sausages  gone?  Recently there's been some serious chef skills on display at BBQs I've been such as delicious steak, racks of ribs, marinated chicken and the fish, it's just awesome. What would be your perfect cut of meat to cook over the flames?

Let's ignore the meat (I know its hard) for a second and look at the vegetables- every gourmet burger needs some char-grilled veg, maybe pepper, onion or aubergine to layer up in the bun. If your friends are happy to get messy then throw some corn on cobs on to. Do I mention the squeaky cheese- you know the joke. . .

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?  

If you don't know the answer, comment below, tweet me and I will tell you! 

Now we have your mouth watering and ready for a BBQ- don't let the rain stop you. Let's face it, we live in the UK,  it's bound to rain. Don't cancel, grab your table grill out, put down a table cloth (if you have sausages they will spit grease) and move all your plans inside. This really works and provides the BBQ feel to any gathering.

The grill heats up seriously fast so you can get cooking within minutes, the temperature dial is responsive enabling you to adjust the heat for the different foods. Another massive bonus is the food can be kept hot by turning down the heat, or if you have extra mates suddenly arrive, then turn up the dial back up and start a new round of cooking - no need to wait for the coals to turn white.


Top tip- if you are sitting round the table cooking together, give everyone a turner as they will want to join in. 


Obviously I think this product is amazing, and I think you will too, just order one and try it out. I know you will be making some memorable evening with great food, drinks and friends.