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Burgers are a firm favourite in my house, whatever the time of year. The trouble is, you can never be quite sure what’s in shop-bought burgers so I like to make my own with nothing added that we don’t know about! 

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We all enjoy experimenting with different tastes and flavours and personalising our burgers by adding extras such as Red onions, fresh herbs and bacon. Sometimes we go one step further and mince our own mince – it’s easy with Judge’s Electric Meat Mincer and Sausage Maker which has fine, medium and coarse mincing discs for all cuts of meat.

Top Tip: for a delicious alternative to beef, Why not try pork, chicken, quorn and lamb burgers too!

With summers like ours, you can’t rely on being able to barbeque your burgers but Judge’s Non-Stick Table Grill is just as much fun and, because it’s non-stick, it’s far easier to clean! Even when you need tea on the table as quickly as possible, burgers are an ideal meal. They take minutes to make and are quick and easy to fry if you have a good quality frying pan - I use Judge’s Non-Stick Frying Pan as it’s easy to use, easy to clean and gives me excellent results every time.
So here’s my advice, forget the supermarkets and High Street burger chains and have a go at making the real thing – delicious, fat, juicy, homemade burgers with definitely no nasty hidden extras!