Who knows someone who's off to Uni?

 Steph and her Uni Students

Steph and her Uni Students

We are delighted to have this blog  from Worcester's Steph Harrison from www.howtocook.org.uk. She provides educational cooking classes, for all age groups. They are taught in a fun and friendly way, with all equipment and ingredients provided. Today she talks from experience about her godson who'se just been awarded his university place.

"I've congratulated my godson on his A’level results! Now he’s off to Uni, living in shared accommodation! So what do I buy him that will get him through Uni and stand the test of time?

Well his all-time favourite supper is mac “n” cheese - cheap, tasty and filling! So a non-stick pan, which will stay intact if a metal spoon accidentally gets used instead of a wooden one, is Number 1 Gift (plus a grater for very useful cheese sauces).  I’m so going to show him the all-in-one method of making sauce in minutes...none of that using a jar malarkey.  Pasta will be another staple which can be cooked in the non-stick pan.


Another favourite is Bolognese, perfect for making in bulk and freezing in portions or turning into chilli the day after.  A super-duper frying pan is a must for cooking large quantities for sharing with flatmates.   I will share my simple flat bread recipe (100g yogurt and 100g SR mixed and shaped) which can be dry fried in the pan. His flatmates will be so impressed and it’ll certainly make a change from pasta, pasta and pasta! 

He laughs when I say “Onions are your best friend in the kitchen!”   Onions can give the blandest recipes va va voom so he’ll definitely be having a vegetable knife, that’ll stop the tears and avoid cut fingers, together with a chopping board that will cope with a little neglect and accidental shoving in the dish washer"


So its exciting times are ahead for so many - Why not look out for an Off to Uni Cookery course?  Steph runs a  Uni Survival Course!  You will learn how to plan, budget, shop and cook on a student’s income (pennies). The class will provide the essential survival kit needed to cope on your own! You will learn where and when to buy the best foods, how to plan a week’s menu, practise cooking quick simple tasty recipes and finally, learn the skill of cooking in bulk and freezing meals.  

You can catch with Steph on her website  and follow her on Facebook here and on Instagram  here