What's so special about Toad in the hole?

 The perfect - the ultimate combination of crisp and soggy

The perfect - the ultimate combination of crisp and soggy

Anticipation is the word that springs to mind when embarking on any Yorkshire pudding recipe including Toad in the Hole. Precious time is spent making the batter; once made you pour it into your preheated dish, pop it in the oven and prey that it will go forth and rise.

It’s akin to when the princess kissed the toad – would the toad turn into a prince or she a toad?

Applying this to a Toad in the Hole experience – when you shut the oven door… what will happen? 20 mins later will there be baked sausage resting on something that looks more like an omelette or an explosion of crispy light batter nestled around golden brown sausage?

… So yes it’s fair to say it can go wrong, and this can be mainly attributed to not enough batter. If it’s too thin, it simply doesn’t rise so don’t be frugal. Following a good recipe from a chef that likes hearty suppers would be a good recommendation – such as Jamie Oliver.

Once mastered – let your imagination run wild and get creative:

  • Add some hidden vegetables;
  • Add a kick – chilli;
  • For a taste of the country, add some rosemary and sage.

4 top tips for Toad in the Hole ensuring you get a prince not a toad!

  1. Precook the sausages;

  2. Use a deep dish such as the Judge Bakers in our Judge Table Essentials Range. The handles on this make it easy to place in and out of the oven;

  3. Heat fat in the pan for a good 10 mins before adding the batter and sausages;

  4. Leave the oven door shut for at least the first 20 minutes as a rush of cold air could lead to a toad and not a prince.

What's your signature ingredient  to make it special?