Crust toppingly good – the art of making a great pie

 Yumm... Is there anything better than home made pies?

Yumm... Is there anything better than home made pies?

Can it be down to – keeping cool, kissing and hot tray? Read on to find out.

Faultless pastry could be the secret to creating a great pie. After all, the filling is more subjective as everyone has their favourite, but without a mighty crust you are onto a loser before you dig in.

Luckily, to make great pastry you don’t need much equipment: simply a large bowl, rolling pin, knife, spatula, ideally marble for rolling but not essential and cling film or a plastic bag should do it, and scales and measuring jug would be handy too.

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Cool ingredients and equipment are just as important as cool hands. A large bowl (link) allows lots of space and cool air to get “rubbed” into the pastry. And use the coolest surface for working – within Judge there’s a large marble board which may be worth considering (link).
Working quickly is meant to make lighter pastry as the lard or butter doesn't have time to get too warm, which makes the pastry greasy and heavy.

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Patience and time are key. Once you’ve made the pastry, let it rest – the longer the better, perhaps consider making it the night before. The rest allows the gluten in the pastry to relax which will reduce the chances of shrinkage. After all no one likes shrinkage.


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Eventually it’s time to cook – so heat the oven up (425 °F/ 220 °C/ Gas 7). If you have a heavy baking sheet, heat that up in the oven too. When it’s time to cook the pie, place it on the heated tray. This is one great way to reduce the chances of a soggy bottom. 

Obviously, before you place it in the oven you need a filling. The decision is yours. What’s your favourite?

We based ours on this recipe from delicious magazine.

Whichever you choose, you may want to consider using the Judge Pie Maker for perfect results time and time again.