Are you a breakfast skipper?


Are your New Year resolutions a distant memory? Are you ready for a Fresh Start? In need of motivation? Let’s take the time on the first day of spring to plan some positive changes.

Small changes can have a significant impact – here’s 6 top tips that we think are easy to include into your diet and will help you make a Fresh Start.

  • Steam Veg +1 – Add one more veg to the plate each meal. By doing so your vitamin, mineral and fibre content will increase and most likely have the knock on effect of reducing carbohydrates and fats. Choosing to steam vegetables preserves vitamins, when compared to boiling, as immersion in water in the cooking process allows nutrients to leach while steaming preserves them.
  • Griddle meat – Griddling meat seals in flavours, looks good and stimulates taste buds. Moreover the high ridges in the pan allow fats to drain away from food, thereby reducing fat consumption.
  • Is one egg enough? – An egg or other high protein food will sustain you for longer and it will be less tempting to snack mid morning. It’s a well known fact that for people watching their weight those that have a hearty breakfast are more likely to be successful than the breakfast skippers.
  • Add hidden veg to cakes – It’s a simple way to add more of the good stuff into your diet. The joy of eating cake and thinking you are contributing to your five a day always add a smile. Follow this link to see some great suggestions.

We love this recipe form Veggie Desserts (

Photo Credit Veggie Desserts 2.png
  • Add veg to mash or swap to veg mash – These simple additions will reduce your carbohydrate intake, increase your veg and the subsequent nutrient. Instead of your usual potato, try mashing these: cauliflower, swede, butternut squash, sweet potato or carrot (or a mix of the two). Did you know that sweet potato releases its energy much slower than a standard potato, meaning it will keep you fuller for longer!
  • Alternative carbs – Experiment with swapping traditional pasta with buckwheat, quinoa and couscous – they add nutrients and many have a higher protein content. Which one is best is a big conundrum – but variety is the spice of life, is it not?! – and this article may help you decide.

Spring in to summer with a Fresh Start spring

A small change can go a long way. We’d love you to share how you get on with these simple tips. If you are in need of a steamer or griddle or even an egg poacher then please check out our Judge vista range  also highlighted below., It is one of the most comprehensive ranges of cookware on the market, and it is supported by a 25 year guarantee

We will keep sharing tips and run some competitions on our social media to support you during this Fresh Start – connect with us there and stay tuned!