How to keep a happy heart.

 Could  it be down to ingredients?

Could  it be down to ingredients?

Can you remember the first time when that special someone walked in to the room and your heart missed a beat? What was it? Their eyes, curves, smile, hair, that joke that kept you smiling or something you can’t quite put your finger on? Did they simply ooze that je ne sais qu'ait? That said, I’d like to find out more.

A heart missing a beat is an endearing moment and one we all would like to repeat time and time again. Valentine’s comes around but once a year and it has become a time to try and encourage such moments – or for those in longer term relationships, to rekindle heart felt moments.

Good food typically creates fond memories, forges friendships and makes the heart grow fonder. And of course, it makes for good dinner table conversations – why else has C4’s Dinner Date become so popular?

Moreover a few googles or bings will lead you to believe that both men and women are definitely more responsive to romance after food. Could it be down to the foods eaten? Could we increase our chances of love if we eat certain foods?

Enter the aphrodisiacs.

Some foods contain properties that increase testosterone or oestrogen levels and thereby increase sex drive; others are considered sexy purely because of their appearance. So to stack the chances for jumping heart beats in your favour, choose foods you and your partner find sensual! Our top tips for heart beat success are: hot chillis, figs, asparagus, avocado, banana, chocolate, oysters. All have different reasons – why not try?


For us – we are off to make a Banana and Chocolate cake? How about you?