Safari dinner with friends

 Best dressed couple of the evening

Best dressed couple of the evening

I have just organised a fantastic social event for my neighbours, I heard about it years ago but I had to wait until we had just the right group to make it work. There are a couple of names for it- safari supper or progressive dinner- you must try it! The whole idea is lots of people agree to take part, everyone hosts a course of the meal and no one knows who is going to be at which house for which course. We had 20 people involved so they were 3 dinner parties all going on but everyone rotated so you were with different people at each course.

I hope you follow.

Each person is told in advance which part of the meal they will need to cook and everyone is told the timings. We started off the evening with pre dinner drinks in one house, at which 2 deadly cocktails were served which got everyone in the mood, their children were still awake so it was a little bit frantic. After 30 minutes the 3 couples serving starters left, we were then all told a house number to go to for starter. At the end of the starter each couple got an envelope with another address in it and went there for main course. The evening carried on like that until we all met up again at another house for after dinner drinks where we all compared notes of how the evening went.

Keeping the course locations secret really added to the fun, we also decided to have a fancy dress theme of safari so we had neighbours wandering the streets in animal onesies and in full safari gear. Some houses had gone to lots of effort and decorated the front doors; my husband loves balloon modelling so we had a whole heard of balloon animals to give to our guests upon arrival.

Food and drink are a major factor of the evening, forward planning is needed as I wasn’t in my house to cook my main course. I utilised my slow cooker to do a venison casserole, I asked my babysitter then to turn on the oven at the time needed for the roast potatoes.  Other main courses were lasagne and a terrine. Starters and pudding are always easier to plan and have pre made.

Top tip- keep as much as possible secret, it adds to the fun.

If you have neighbours who love to cook then this is a great night to do, it meant everyone was involved but no one had the huge task for providing a 3 course dinner. Although it did mean all 10 houses were messy not just a few! Another massive bonus was that we all saw everyone as we were with different people at every course- If one person has a house big enough, you should try to do the pre and post gatherings there as it was lovely to all be together.

Please shout if you want to try this and need more explanation or tell me if you’ve done it in the past and how it went for you.